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Vilnius Book Fair 2014

Time-tested books

The 15th Vilnius Book Fair, held in 2014, was dedicated to literary classics and the 300th anniversary of the poet Kristijonas Donelaitis.

According to Marcel Proust, literary classics are like an optical instrument without which we would be unable to look at ourselves and be unable to read what is inside of us.

These are cult books about ourselves – books for all life’s occasions and all moments of history.

Freedom, love, human, values, experiences, dignity, and honour and many truths lie among sentences uttered across generations – pages, paragraphs and words quoted from memory from eternal, time-tested books.

What do the literary classics mean for each one of us?

What is the treasure house of consciousness?

Homer, Petrarch, Joyce, Dante, Shakespeare, Bulgakov, Šatrijos Ragana, Tolstoy, Goethe, Marcinkevičius, Faulkner, Marquez, Geda, Eco, Dumas, Dostojevsky, Hugo, Proust, Parulskis … and, of course, Donelaitis – each of us can put together his or her list of cult books.

Are the classics time-tested books?

Do we read the same books? And what do they tell us about ourselves? This was the topic of discussion visitors were invited to discuss at the 15th Vilnius Book Fair.