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Young Lithuanian artists presented their work in an event/exhibition-series dedicated to interdisciplinary art in London

An event/exhibition-series What’s good for me is good for you? taking place from 24th August – 15th September showcased the performance GIRLISONFIRE of Monika Janulevičiūtė and Antanas Lučiūnas. Duo had extensive public attention as there were approximately 100 viewers during the performance.

What’s good for me is good for you? consists of two main parts – the event/exhibition-series and commissioned writings. Artists challenge normativity in their practices based on their lived experiences. They each take over Mimosa House for a weekend making the artistic practices themselves the centre of the project. Evolving around topics of identity politics and queer-feminist ideas, the project highlights the differences in artistic approaches and personal realities.

Monika Janulevičiūtė and Antanas Lučiūnas​ have been working together as GIRLISONFIRE for more than a year now, examining the paradoxical intimacies of digital and physical spaces, choreographing and disrupting normative behaviours, dissolving binaries. For their debut international exhibition at Mimosa House, Janulevičiūtė and Lučiūnas present GIRLISONFIRE: Dedicating to the sick and blooming, the idea of everyone being sick and/or blooming and all in between; sick as a state one endures to get healthier, blooming as in ripeness or bruises. Sick, as in super cool. Sick as in cruel. Cruelly good.

The performance is developed in conjunction with the Rupert Alternative Education Programme as a continuation of their project The Great Outdoors: GIRLISONFIRE presented in December 2017 at CAC Vilnius. Janulevičiūtė has also designed and published a graphic novel entitled The Great Outdoors (2017) and booklets Soft Voices and Flat Earths (2018) with Miša Skalskis as part of Shadow Channel at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. She has led reading groups, conferences and interviews as part of the online platform Unthinkable. Her latest film, Switchblade Grassland (2018) will premiere on OFluxo at a forthcoming date. Lučiūnas has previously performed in several iterations of Young Girl Reading Group including at the Baltic Triennial ‘13, and in Plays for the Strange Stranger, a performance by artists Jude Crilly & Floris Schönfeld at CAC Vilnius in 2016.

Partner – Lithuanian Culture Institute

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