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Works by Romualdas Požerskis – at Kings Cross London exhibition “Another Europe”

Works by Romualdas Požerskis exhibited at Kings Cross London exhibition “Another Europe”, an outdoor public art exhibition from 12 July – 9 August 2018 in London, UK.

Austrian Cultural Forum London, the European Commission Representation in the UK and the European Union National Institutes of Culture in London (EUNIC) have selected and invited photographers each European Union country to participate in the exhibition.

The theme of the exhibition is cultural heritage. Curator Hamish Park have sought to narrow this to those aspects of cultural heritage which are disappearing. Cultural heritage is being interpreted to have a broad meaning encompassing the cultural, the social and the economic traditions of Europe and each member country. The exhibition will be on display for 4 weeks this summer in central London’s Kings Cross area. This is one of London’s busiest and most dynamic areas – a cultural hot spot.

Selected Romualdas Požerskis’ work is part of series called “Pilgrimages” (1974-2001). The photographs are highly appreciated internationally as the artist had numerous solo exhibitions all around the world.

“Captured by Požerskis pilgrimages in Lithuania raise not only a wave of nostalgic memories of those who have had the chance to go to such pilgrimages in the pre-war times, but also respect for the man in Lithuania and who has so far kept the faith and strong attachment to the old rural traditions. In his photos, as well as our memory, the episodes of great pilgrimages arise before our eyes: horse-drawn carriages with the youngest son on the front seat between father and mother and the rest of the family on the soft hay behind them; meetings of neighbours and friends in a small town or village, all people dressed up.’ (A. Kezys).

Partner of “Another Europe” exhibition – Lithuanian Culture Institute.

The exhibition will be held at King’s Cross area – along King’s Boulevard and Pancras Square, London.

More information about the exhibition: