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Vilnius Book Fair 2013

Theme of the fair: literature for teenagers and young adults.

What do today’s young adults read?

What do they find relevant in the literature of today?

Which types and forms of reading do they find appealing? And which books do young readers say are missing from Lithuania’s bookstores and libraries?

The teenagers of today prefer the Internet, social media, and the language of short text messages, which is why we, in an attempt to answer these questions, we have invited sages, writers, and public figures from Lithuania and abroad, as well as, most importantly, young readers to discuss them.

The Vilnius Book Fair was attended by 64 000 visitors

This was the largest number of visitors during the fair’s entire fourteen-year history.

The largest number of visitors – 22 000 people – attended on Saturday. Most of the 410 events of the fair – about 150 – were held on Saturday.

There were 267 exhibitors from eight countries: Lithuania, Belarus, Japan, Italy, Poland, Russia, France, and Germany.

The fair featured 40 special guests (writers, poets, and book illustrators) from 16 countries.

The overall floor space at the fair, including event zones, was 12 000 square metres.

Several new features appeared at this year’s Vilnius Book Fair:

The Literary Salon, (“”), a photo studio offering visitors the chance to be the face of the fair poster, fair stamps, T-shirts for intellectuals, and an event schedule for smartphones.