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Vilnius Book Fair 2012

“Open the world!” was the declaration of the 2012 Vilnius Book Fair.

This slogan underlined the primary mission of the book fair – to encourage reading and to assess the importance of reading and books in terms of formation of personality, impact on society, and significance in promoting social and economic well-being.

Reading is a timeless value that opens the way to knowing oneself and the world, that makes us think and change, and that offers us joy and pleasure.

Exhibitors – 250 companies from 9 countries.

Exhibition space – 7 179 square metres

Overall floor space (with event zones) – 11 780 square metres

Number of visitors – 60 200

Number of cultural events – 380, of which there were:
events for children  – 70
art exhibitions – 12
film screenings – 14
discussion club events – 4
award ceremonies – 9

Special guests –  28 foreign authors and artists from 14 countries

The following titles won 2011 Book of the Year awards:
Fiction – Silva Rerum II by Kristina Sabaliauskaitė
Young Adult fiction – Iš nuomšiko gyvenimo (Memoirs of a Rental-flat Child) by
Gendrutis Morkūnas
Children’s Literature – Dominykas’s Miraculous Gemstone by Vytautas V. Landsbergis.