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01_violeta urmana (photo by franco lelj

Violeta Urmana is a singer of global standing, one of the leading dramatic sopranos in the world. First acknowledged as a mezzo-soprano, Urmana became world famous for her performances of Kundry in Wagner’s Parsifal and Eboli in Verdi’s Don Carlo. She has sung […]

02_edgaras montvidas (photo by rokas darulis)_paskutine

Edgaras Montvidas is a much-sought-after lyrical tenor, often praised by critics for his musical intelligence and his style, and his blend of gracefulness and “fragility with enough emotive power“ (The Scotsman). Montvidas was educated in Vilnius at the Lithuanian Academy […]

Photo by Mikhail Rashkovsky

The Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra (LCO) is one of the most internationally acclaimed orchestras in Lithuania. Formed in 1960 by professor Saulius Sondeckis (he was chief conductor and artistic director until 2004), the young ensemble was to make their first successful appearance in […]


Founded in 1994 at the initiative of Donatas Katkus, its chief conductor and artistic director, the St Christopher Chamber Orchestra was formerly known as the Vilnius Chamber Orchestra. In 1995, it took the name of Vilnius’ patron saint, and in 1998 […]

Photo by Mikhail Rashkovsky

The pianist Petras Geniušas is one of Lithuania’s most versatile and adventurous performers. His musical interests go far beyond his background as a concert pianist, ranging from English virginalists to avant-garde, jazz and electronic dance beats, which influence the way […]

06_andrius zlabys_paskutine

Andrius Žlabys is one of the most talented pianists of his generation. His interpretations emerge as a ‘persuasive rethinking of Bach for the modern piano’, and in the romantic repertoire he acts as an ‘authentic heir to the grand masters […]


Mūza Rubackytė is a phenomenal pianist, whose long and impressive career has ensured her a special place in Lithuanian music.  Mūza Rubackytė was born into a family of musicians, and she made her début in Vilnius at the age of […]


One of the most interesting and frequently performing piano duos in the Baltic countries, Rūta and Zbignevas Ibelhauptas have been playing together since 1989. Both are graduates of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. They are prizewinners of several […]


The Čiurlionis Quartet represents the finest tradition of chamber music making in Lithuania. Named after Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (1875-1911), a founding father of the country’s art, the quartet has been active since 1968, and operates under the auspices of the […]


The cellist and conductor David Geringas belongs to Europe’s musical elite. His unusually broad repertoire, from early baroque to contemporary, is a testament to his flexibility and curiosity. His intellectual rigor, his stylistic versatility, his melodic feeling, and the sensuousness […]


The Boston Globe wrote about the Vilnius String Quartet: ‘The group’s ensemble is virtually flawless… Their sound is quite extraordinary – rich like fine chocolate whose taste dominates the senses but never cloys. There is also intangible oneness that eludes analysis […]


The Kaunas String Quartet is a superb classical music ensemble in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second largest city. The quartet was granted the status of municipal ensemble in 1988, and over 30 years it has demonstrated  the high level of chamber music […]


Jauna Muzika, led by conductor and composer Vaclovas Augustinas, is one of the most professional and active vocal ensembles in Lithuania. Every year it gives more than 60 concerts, at home and abroad. The choir was founded in 1989, and participated […]


Brevis was founded in 1990 as a vocal ensemble at the Church of St Casimir in Vilnius. A handful of its members still gather there for Mass on Sundays to sing various kinds of religious music, from Gregorian chant to […]


Aidija Chamber Choir was founded in 1989, on the initiative of the conductor Romualdas Gražinis. Most of its members are present or former students of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Its extensive repertoire ranges from Gregorian chant to contemporary, […]


Since 1981, the group Trys Keturiose has specialised in performing sutartinės, traditional Lithuanian polyphonic songs . These are distinguished by their numerous use of seconds, entwined voices, accentuated rhythmic patterns and the simultaneous sound of two different texts (verse and refrain). All […]

17_evaldas vycinas_paskutine

Evaldas Vyčinas, an ethnomusicologist, instrumentalist and singer, has reconstructed and brought back to life a variety of early Lithuanian folk instruments, including the kanklės (a type of zither), the bagpipes, and the hurdy-gurdy. Accompanying himself on a nine-string kanklės, he hasmade famous songs […]


Veronika Povilionienė is one of Lithuania’s most famous folk singers. She inherited the singing tradition from the old singers of Dzūkija, a region in southeast Lithuania. known as ‘the land of songs’. Povilionienė’s voice is strong and evocative; it reveals […]


The award-winning saxophonist Kęstutis Vaiginis is renowned for his clear and controlled sound and his lyrical style. He studied in Lithuania and abroad (at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, the Amsterdam School of the Arts, and the Manhattan […]

20_liudas mockunas_paskutine

The saxophonist Liudas Mockūnas and his trio NuClear, with the pianist Dmitrij Golovanov and the drummer Marijus Aleksa, reflect the fast-growing impact of new jazz and impro from the Baltic States. The music composed by Mockūnas penetrates the landscape of free improvisation, jazz, heavy […]


Dainius Pulauskas is a pianist, keyboard player, composer, and leader of one of Dainius Pulauskas Group, one of the oldest formations in Lithuanian jazz. It was formed in 1995, and instantly became a leading jazz unit. According to Jan Patterson in All […]


Justė Janulytė (1982), a Lithuanian composer now living in Milan in Italy, first came to public notice in 2004, receiving an award of the Lithuanian Composers’ Union for her piece White Music (2004). She studied at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and […]


 This duo, formed by the ‘juggler of sounds’ Aivaras Ruzgas and the singer Eglė Sirvydytė, appeared on the music scene at the beginning of 2011. It sometimes seems that their main priority is to distance themselves as much as possible from the ‘pop […]


Several years on, Power Forever still enthralls us, and the video is an important part of the track’s appeal: this is definitely a case where the wrapping perfectly matches the merchandise. Before that, Happyendless were a fairly anonymous bunch of studio boffins, […]


She is the most famous Irishwoman living in Lithuania, the lead singer of Skamp, who continues to amaze crowds 14 years on. She is the author of books for children, and quite simply one of the most charming performers around. […]


Formed in 2007, Freaks On Floor immediately went on to win a local Eurorock competition. Two years later, their debut album Freaky Wonder put them on the list of ‘musicians to watch if you don’t want to feel hopelessly out of touch’. […]

05_mariobasanovvidisfeat jazzu--photobyrokasdarulis_800_horiz

Mario & Vidis already have a busy schedule, which is impressive: you can see their names on posters both in the depths of Russia and outside night clubs in Spain, Germany, England, Dubai and Brasil. Mario Basanov (who was recognised as best […]


In 2009, MTV viewers chose Leon Somov & Jazzu for the Best Baltic Act Award. Their recognition didn’t raise many eyebrows in Lithuania: Leon’s sonic adventures in the studio have been well known for a decade now, and Jazzu is probably the most talked-about […]


You’ll never find this band’s name on the covers of glossy magazines. Fusedmarc have never tried to cut corners, push their music into the playlists of popular radio or TV shows, or stage publicity stunts. Instead, this experimental collective chose […]


Irony is one thing many Lithuanian pop stars still find a bit difficult. There are no such problems for Metal On Metal. Manfredas, Kym Wild and Miss America (not their real names, obviously) are a trio of DJs and electronic music producers that features a […]


Alina Orlova is no fan of Facebook, she uses an old worn-out mobile telephone that was made ten years ago, and she sings mostly in Lithuanian. When it comes to lifestyle and music, she’s a living rejection of most of […]


If we had to choose just one impressive success story from Lithuania’s music scene in 2012, the honour would definitely go to Markas Palubenka. Go back to the beginning of 2011, and you’ll find just a small bunch of devoted […]


Watching this video, you might catch yourself thinking there’s more than a slight touch of a Scandinavian sound in Rasabasa, and you’d be absolutely right. Lead singer Rasa Bubulytė is the only Lithuanian member of the band: she formed it with a […]


Buying Jurga’s records is like purchasing lottery tickets. The only difference is you’ll definitely win, but you won’t know what the prize is beforehand. There was a time when she was the lead singer of an all-female punk band. Later […]


The year 2013 will mark 30 years since he formed Foje, arguably the biggest and most influential Lithuanian band of all times. For the 60,000 people (an achievement nobody has yet managed to equal) who gathered in Vilnius to witness the […]


Dubbed ‘the godfathers of the Lithuanian hip hop scene’, G & G Sindikatas have had an influence on Lithuanian rap fans that is so huge it would take the combined efforts of Eminem, Jay-Z, Public Enemy and Snoop Dogg to […]


AVaspo apparently means Audio Visual Asp of Poetry. To call this project by the poet and playwright Gabrielė Labanauskaitė simply ‘a music group’ would not be fair. It may sound pretentious, but the word ‘phenomenon’ seems more appropriate. Avaspo manage to mix […]