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Chair: Body Created: 2007  Design studio: RASA deSIGN  The chair Body is a good example of the creative interests of the designer Rasa Baradinskienė. This is a form of seating that assumes anthropomorphic features, a chair on which you can embrace […]

Photo by Juozas Brundza

Coat stand: Sketch  Created: 2011  Design studio: LTD Studio This is Juozas Brundza’s newest coat stand, which in 2012 was awarded Lithuania’s Good Design Prize. Although at first glance it looks light and fragile, the coat stand is able […]


Furniture: Pinocchio  Created: 2008  Manufacturer: Virūna Julius Bučelis designed his first furniture series Pinocchio, which won second place in 2008 at the international art exhibition SaloneSatellite in Moscow, while still studying at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. It is a […]


Rocking chair: Mom  Created: 2006  Design studio: Contraforma This rocking chair, designed by Neringa Dervinytė, was chosen as the symbol for the 2006 London Design Festival. It is recognised for its style, cosiness and comfort. It was created especially […]


Rocking chair: Ops! Created: 2010  Manufacturer: Sedes Regia The designer Jonas Jurgaitis’ armchair Ops! won the Lithuanian Good Design Prize in 2012. Prior to this, it was chosen as the best piece in the living-room furniture category at the International Furniture […]


Table: Air  Created: 2010  Manufacturer: Narbutas Furniture Company The executive table Air, designed by Gediminas Juška, was awarded the Lithuanian Good Design Prize in 2012. It is a massive table covered in a natural veneer, with an integrated plant pot […]


Armchair: Logo  Created: 2005 Manufacturer: Softimus Nauris Kalinauskas’ soft seating series Logo won the Red Dot Award in the product design category in 2007. Just like his other furniture designs, Logo is known for its pure geometric shapes, which are emphasised […]


Table-shelving unit: Babel Created: 2008 Design studio: LDS Lataitis Design Solutions While still a student at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Mantas Lataitis won first place at the Young Designers’ Competition at SaloneSatellite in Moscow two years in a […]


Table: It’s Also a Table  Created: 2009 Mantas Lesauskas is interested in developing the direction conceptual and social design is going. He usually selects specific readymade objects that have a certain existential and social purpose, and tries to understand […]


Armchair and Coffee Table: Eggy Nord Created: 2011 – 2013 Puzero design studio Inspired by the shapes of stones Vytautas Puzeras created the Nord coffee table in 2011. Two years later he created the Eggy armchair to go with it, using a curved […]


Stool: Pirst Created: 2010  Design studio: KiTAIP The stool Pirst designed by Dalius Razauskas represented Lithuania at the international European Design Exhibition – Sit down Please! in 2011 in Dusseldorf. The curators of the exhibition invited 40 designers from 40 European […]


Chair: July Created: 2006 Design studio: Contraforma The chair July was awarded second place in the Neformate design contest in 2006 in the competition for the most Lithuanian chair. Its designer Žilvinas Stankevičius sought to portray a poetic vision of the Lithuanian summer, […]


Euthanasia Coaster  Created: 2011  Design and engineering: Julijonas Urbonas Medicine: Dr Michael Gresty (Spatial Disorientation Lab, Imperial College London) Model construction: Paulius Vitkauskas Julijonas Urbonas’ latest project Euthanasia Coaster is a fictional design for one of the most extreme examples of […]


Rocking chair: KU-DIR-KA Created: 2006  Design studio: Contraforma This chair, which has become a symbol of Lithuanian design, was Paulius Vitkauskas’ final work in 2006 while studying in the Department of Design at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. The […]


Adjustable furniture: Spina  Created: 2007  Design studio: Bevargo This multifunctional piece of furniture was presented for the first time at the 2007 Neformate design competition. Spina, which aptly reflected the theme of the contest Two in One, won first place. It also won […]