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Vilnius String Quartet

The Boston Globe wrote about the Vilnius String Quartet: ‘The group’s ensemble is virtually flawless… Their sound is quite extraordinary – rich like fine chocolate whose taste dominates the senses but never cloys. There is also intangible oneness that eludes analysis and that, as with the best marriages, is the hallmark of only the most mature and mutually nourishing relationships.’ Ever since its debut in 1965, the quartet has constantly polished its musicianship, to achieve a deep sense of unanimity and a richness of expression that have won it accolades both in Lithuania and abroad, as well as several important honours. The quartet works under the auspices of the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society, averaging 80 concerts a year, and has a vast repertoire of over 450 works, including the complete string quartets by Haydn and Beethoven, and Mozart’s entire output for string quintet. Their exceptionally rich repertoire includes more than 250 works by living composers. The eloquent and expressive music of Onutė Narbutaitė (1956) is noted for its aristocratic poise and strong compositional discipline. The piece from her String Quartet No. 2 (Open the Gate of Oblivion) is dominated by melancholic, dreamy and subconscious moods, and the effect is like hearing something that is both deeply familiar and rich new material for personal contemplation.